Encryption and Hashing

AHA has leveraged its 25 year history in algorithm acceleration to develop a completely new line of products that serve the security and data integrity markets.  Due to customer demand of our easy to use Compression Accelerators, AHA has developed new technologies to offload CPU intensive operations such as AES, SHA, MD5, and SSL/TLS.

Crypto Accelerators
AHA's Crypto Accelerators are four lane PCI Express 2.0 plug-in cards that incorporate our AES, SHA, MD5, and SSL crypto technology and Scatter/Gather DMA interface.  This technology accelerates cryptographic functions for network appliances, storage, and communications systems.
Product Description
AHA604 20K (2Kb) Keys/s, 10 Gbps Compression Low Profile PCIe Accelerator
AHA605 31K (2Kb) Keys/s, 20 Gbps Compression Low Profile Dual Slot PCIe Accelerator

Data Compression

Forward Error Correction

Encryption and Hashing

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