Forward Error Correction

Today’s hottest commodity is bandwidth. At AHA, the goal is to help customers achieve higher data rates, increase bandwidth and ensure data integrity. As experts in coding technology, AHA offers a variety of hardware and IP core solutions based on the company’s patented technology including Low Density Parity Check Code (LDPC), Turbo Product Code (TPC), and Reed-Solomon (RS) technology. Whatever your application, AHA has the FEC solution.

Durostream Packet Protection
AHA has leveraged our long experience in optimizing communication links with Forward Error Correction and data compression into a new solution for high-packet-loss networks.  This technology provides a resilient and capacity optimizing capability for these challenging environments.
Product Description
AHA725 1 Gbps WAN Optimizer with Packet Protection (1U Appliance)
50 Mbps WAN Optimizer with Packet Protection (compact form factor)

Low Density Parity Check Codes
AHA’s most powerful FEC offerings are based on Low Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) codes. AHA’s LDPC IP cores and LDPC integrated circuits provides an optimal solution to obtaining greater coding gain and placing communications links closer to the Shannon Limit for Bit-Error-Rate (BER) performance than any other FEC technology. In addition to our standard LDPC offerings based on the DVB-S2/DVB-S2X specification, AHA can easily create a custom LDPC core to match your specific data rate, latency and block size requirements.
Product Description

DVB-S2X is the extension of the popular DVB-S2 satellite standard. Improvements including additional codes, higher modulations (64/128/256APSK) and smaller roll-off factors improve the efficiency by 51% over DVB-S2.
Product Description

DVB-S2 is the most accepted and widely spread standard in the satellite market. AHA has been offering DVB-S2 IP cores and integrated circuits since 2004. DVB-S2 uses powerful LDPC codes at rates from 0.25 to 0.9 and modulations QPSK to 32APSK that can be changed on-the-fly to support ACM and VCM.
Product Description
AHA4720 DVB-S2 Compliant LDPC/BCH Forward Error Correction IC

Turbo Product Codes
AHA’s Turbo Product Codes (TPCs) family of integrated circuits and IP cores have set the standard for satellite communications. We offer a variety of products to match unique data rate and block size requirements.  With technology that approaches the theoretical limit of error correction,  AHA’s proprietary TPC technology reduces bandwidth strain — enabling higher performance through faster data rates and more efficient transmissions.  Custom TPC cores are also available to fit your systems unique needs.
Product Description
AHA4501 36 Mbits/sec Turbo Product Code Encoder/Decoder IC
AHA4540 155 Mbits/sec TPC Encoder/Decoder IC
AHA4541 311 Mbits/sec TPC Encoder/Decoder IC

AHA’s  Reed-Solomon (RS) Forward Error Correction integrated circuits are the technology that launched the company. RS is part of AHA’s 25 year legacy in error correct and an important component of its current success. Boasting the only commercially available RS integrated circuit, the AHA4013, AHA is the undisputed leader for RS technology. Whether your priorities are lowering costs or achieving higher data rates, AHA has the RS hardware and IP cores to meet your specifications.
Product Description
AHA4013 12.5 MBytes/sec Reed-Solomon Error Correction IC

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